Interviews on Free Will: Pastiche of Antigone, The Taming of the Shrew, and Pride and Prejudice – gambling fallacy

The avant-garde woman enters the scene. She is a top journalist, sometimes anchor, for CNN, accepting won several awards, and acquainted with abounding affecting people, such as the admiral and added apple leaders. She arrives in a woman’s business dress, cut at the knees, brave with rose red. She sits on a board chair, above from addition abandoned chair, and beckons for the aboriginal interviewee, who is Creon, who enters actualization dejected, but composed abundant to sit, afresh delay for her questions.

Modern Woman: So… Creon, accepting beeline to the point of this interview: why did you adjudge Antigone to afterlife if she abandoned your law?

Creon: Because I will not be defied, nor overruled by a woman. And my Thebians: they would accept questioned my integrity, appropriately doubted my adeptness to lead, speaking their affront in aphotic corners, afresh wreaking chaos. As I said: “I will not accomplish myself a cheat to my people”.

Modern Woman: But what about the “will of the gods,” the immaterial laws set by Olympus? Do they not alter your bitter law? As the baton of the choir said: “Wisdom is the absolute allotment of happiness, and admiration appear the gods accept to be inviolate”. And did not Antigone chase these godly rules in burying Polyneices, to anticipate their curse?

Creon: Polyneices adapted to be consistently cursed. He would accept apprenticed me and all of Thebes, aspersing us to an animal, or even less! He was wicked, and the gods do not admire the wicked. Just as I said: “the acceptable desires not a like allocation with the evil.”

Modern Woman: True. But could you accept acclimatized some diplomacy? You could accept acclimated added reason, and acclaimed that the accomplished boondocks disagreed with your activity of accusatory Antigone to slow, but abiding death, could you not?

Creon: No! My decree is in the town’s best interest, even if they do not accept it! There accept to be order! There accept to be obedience! It was the gods that affected the after-effects of my just law!

Modern Woman: Okay, chill. Keep that brand in your hilt. So you are adage you do not accept ascendancy over your fate?

Creon: Yes. I do not ascendancy my fate. I said this aloft my family’s destruction, appropriately my own: “a crushing fate hath leapt aloft my head”.

Modern Woman: Why?

Creon: Because the gods sow my activity tapestry. Truly, because Antigone’s abject father, Oedipus, copulated with his mother, to actualize that changeable fiend, to abuse my life, anathema my ancestors with her adamant pride.

Modern Woman: But you said, afterwards both your son and wife committed suicide: “I, even I, was they slayer, abject that I am-I own the truth”. You adamantly acted the role of the adamant lawmaker. You had a best to anticipate your tragedy by alert to the Thebians, and a lot of of all, to your son. You could accept accustomed her a bottom sentence, say a year of aloof bonds afterwards any alternation with anybody.

Creon: Fate affected my hand. I already told you that if I submitted I would be perceived as weak, even if the Thebians disagree with your policies. I accept to be the man, be the leader, the god of men!

Modern Woman: But, Creon, again, you said yourself, that you affected your own fate, afterwards you accomplished your ancestors died by your action.

Creon: I was wrong. I realize, from continued contemplation, that my backbreaking impulses bamboozled me in that moment of baffling devastation.

Modern Woman: Okay. So you are adage you accept in actuality no say in your fate, even if added choices, wiser choices, are acutely available? It sounds like rationalization: you are blaming fate to abstain demography albatross for your own tragedy. To escape baleful despair, it seems.

Creon: No! My fate is carved and broiled into rock by Zeus’s lightning! Son’s are carved into obedience, women broiled into chains of men!

Modern Woman: (thinks: Zeus aswell accept to accept ambiguous lightning up his ass!) Oh-kay, well, acknowledge you for this accomplished interview.

They both angle up and she extends her duke for a shake. Creon looks at it with resenting disgust, clasps his brand on his appropriate hip, angry aback the actuation to kill her, and abruptly spins. He paces off date while she smirks with her duke still continued for the shake.

She drops her hand, and calls for the next interviewee.

Petruchio enters donning a scarlet shirt appear beneath a azure, bright dress shirt, legs attired in fleet dejected jeans, and treading on red shoes, a lighter adumbration than the red undershirt. Avant-garde Woman is taken back, slightly, as she believed it acceptable that he would abrasion this accoutrements to abash her.

They sit above anniversary other.

Modern Woman: Greetings, Petruchio.

Petruchio (donning a apparent poker-face): Hello baby lady.

Modern Woman: Yes, such a admirer (she smirks). To the point: do you accept in fate?

Petruchio: I am captain of my fate. But some people, they are blighted to be bamboozled by fortune.

Modern Woman: What do you mean?

Petruchio: Able-bodied dear. I chose to be a man of wealth, but some people, they aback seek beatitude through thoughts not their own, but endemic by Fate. But you, of course, an angel who absitively to be a woman of access and beauty, a baron adaptation of Venus (he says this with coiled chaps, for a few moments, yet flattens them, aback to the poker face).

Modern Woman (slightly annoyed, yet composed): So you are saying, basically, that we all accept our fate, our activity position, afore we access into this life?

Petruchio: Yes, and no. All of actuality is like an onion. Afore we access into this world, we reside in addition realm, beneath close than this one. Yet, addition branch exists above that realm, bottom dense, to even beneath close realms to consistently added realms, layers aloft layers, alarm it the Onion Theory.

Further, in the bottom close realm, afore the one we are in now, the bound getting may be chained by Fate, as dictated by the best in the branch beneath close afore that realm. Overall, I apperceive that I had the best to accept my activity position afore accession in this densest realm. So I ascendancy my afterlife here. As I said before: “my affluence lives for me”.

Modern Woman (knowing his BS, switches the subject): Okay. To another, admitting accompanying subject: apropos Katherine’s purpose, you said: “I am he am built-in to acclimatized you, Kate.” Do you mean, by this, that it is Kate’s fate to be “tamed” by you?

Petruchio: Yes, and as I said before, I chose in the Beforelife, that I am one of those who chose to be king, and she so happened to be one of those who were accountable to her own benumbed aphorism in the Beforelife. I accept to accept done something in the Before-before activity to acquire such alternative to own Fate.

But, abundant of that, what about you super-dainty princess. How does my fellow, baby sapien feel about her fate and…

Modern Woman (pointing her finger, stern, austere expression): I’ll stop you appropriate there. I accord you questions, or, you will accept to leave.

Petruchio: So it accept to be your benumbed fate to be the super-burnt angel in this case, right? (he curls the aperture again, actualization to be unaffected, algid still).

Modern Woman (shoots up, and tosses her feel to the door): That’s enough. Goodbye.

Petruchio stands, admitting in a casual, artless manner, and smiles blithely at Avant-garde Woman.

Petruchio: Acknowledge you, it will consistently be a abstruseness how you knew I had to go to the absurd to excrete.

He cool added devilishly, spins, and brisks out the aperture captivation his rear as if he has to go to the bathroom.

Though irritated, Avant-garde Woman bound chills her nerves, for she knows she is about to account another, not as obnoxious, adaptation of Petruchio: Mr. Wickam. She sits down, afresh calls him in. He agilely enters with animation of foot, afresh sits.

Modern Woman (sighing a bit): Okay, Mr. Wickam…

Mr. Wickam: Are you okay?

Modern Woman: Yeah. Anyways, jumping on the purpose, do you accept you braid your activity tapestry?

Mr. Wickam: Well, that’s is a able way of putting it… (she grins) I would say no.

Modern Woman (still grinning): Why?

Mr. Wickam: Because I, from infancy, was built-in to a father, who died, and afresh larboard to the easily of Mr. Darcy, sr. Admitting he admired me, and gave me a ample allocation of his fortune, his son, Mr. Darcy, abandoned his ambition and casting me abroad from the inheritance. Hence, I could not accept abhorred this accident due to some one’s abroad will, that I aswell can not control.

Modern Woman: So you accusation Darcy for your fate?

Mr. Wickam: Yes, but I am not adage that I could accept done in actuality nothing. Maybe some of my attributes conflicts with his, and I could accept been added acquainted of this nature, to afresh accommodate with him, but that is awful unlikely, acquainted my animal attributes bind my accessible actions.

Modern Woman (sassy-tongue in cheek): So you are adage that you could not anticipate yourself from behindhand ole Mr. Darcy’s wish, and accepting money anyways, to afresh action it away?

Mr. Wickam: Mostly: I was young, still absurd to my own ways. But, it was blighted to be so, a force above my alive pulled the strings there.

Modern Woman: Are you abiding you are not just abdicating responsibility? Blaming an alien force to you can feel beneath accusable for accomplishing bent things, abnormally eloping with asinine Lydia for the purpose of abstract money from her baby ones?

Mr. Wickam: Admitting I accept how it can be apparent negatively, I, nonetheless, followed my interests, and hers, for she did adulation me; she did accommodating ally me. As I admired her.

Modern Woman: Sure. So, overall, you are bedfast to your basest nature?

Mr. Wickam: Mostly, yes.

Modern Woman: Okay, acknowledgment for your time. You may go.

Mr. Wickam stands up, slight bows his arch with a absorbing grin, and leaves.

She calls in Darcy. Darcy enters, cutting a aciculate accidental attire, not too flashy, nor not too bass own. She senses abundant aberration in this man, and in actuality all-overs his hand, with the archetypal “Hi, how are you.” and the “Fine, acknowledge you.” They sit.

Modern Woman: Mr. Darcy, this apropos your acceptance about afterlife and chargeless will. Do you accept you accept complete control, some control, or in actuality no ascendancy over your destiny?

Darcy: Some control.

Modern Woman: Could you explain that.

Darcy: As I said before, we accept the “tendency” to fallaciously behave. That is, faults of appearance that cannot be avoided, a accustomed ability to display some birthmark afterwards the achievability of eliminating all faults with chargeless will.

Modern Woman: Can you do annihilation about these beguiling traits?

Darcy: You can alter them, but alone if you anxiously appraise yourself, daily, and accept any definite, or even accessible blunders of behavior, and acclimatize accordingly.

Modern Woman: But what about the ambiance you are built-in into? Has not your affiliated ambiance accustomed you to accept this belief?

Darcy: That is true. Absolutely something forth my activity afflicted me to accept this article of brooding for self-amendment. However, if one submits to the article of getting Fate’s pawn, afresh one will, inevitably, bind oneself to the whims of environment, and to one’s own unconscious, basest self.

Modern Woman: So, you are adage that, even if anybody does accept a destiny, a anchored fate, it is best, nonetheless, to accept the confidence that one happens to their environment, and not the added way around? If you durably accept you are a victim, afresh that acceptance will become a actuality from a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you could in actuality exercise added ascendancy by defying Fate by disbelief?

Darcy: Yes. Alone futility arises from devoting oneself to the angle of an in actuality anchored life. However, sometimes you accept to acquiesce yourself, your blighted nature, to adviser you, in a few cases, such as award your adventurous partner, as I could not action the allurement to gradually admire Elizabeth added and more.

Modern Woman: You beggarly chase your heart?

Darcy: Yes, but one has to accept acclimatized acumen to anticipate the heart’s truth.

Modern Woman: Well, Darcy, this has been a pleasure. You absolutely are the a lot of blue-blooded being I accept interviewed today. Do you apperception a hug?

Darcy (reluctant):… Okay.

They angle up. She acclaim and acquiescently hugs him while he cautiously hugs her back. He still needs to convenance the art of alternation with strangers.


What Is a Convertible Promissory Note? What Is Convertible Debt?

What are the Risks and Rewards of Advance in Convertible Promissory Notes?

What is a basal promissory note?

A promissory agenda is a accounting affiance to accord adopted money aural a defined time, application alternate payments, or with one final payment, with absorption at a defined rate. In the apple of finance, this certificate is alleged the “note”. It is generally acclimated to accounts an absolute business or to accounts a start-up business.

What is a convertible note?

A convertible promissory agenda is a certificate that offers an added advantage to the holder (lender); rather than getting repaid the declared arch and interest, the holder can catechumen allotment of the debt (loan) into disinterestedness (ownership) in a business venture. Convertible addendum (aka convertible debt or convertible loans) are a costs apparatus whereby a aggregation raises debt basic from investors by alms them the adeptness to catechumen all or allotment of the debt investment into the business’s disinterestedness at a after date, at a anchored about-face ratio. The about-face agreement of anniversary business transaction will vary. Actuality is a archetypal scenario: a aggregation raises $1 actor in convertible debt, which has the appropriate to catechumen to disinterestedness at a 25% abatement to the appraisal of the next costs round, or to the acquainted appraisal of the business.

What are the risks and allowances of advance in convertible promissory notes?

Convertible addendum are the acerbity for start-up businesses these days. Advance in them is not a bourgeois investment; they are a top risk/high accolade abstract investment. Funds invested in convertible debt should be “surplus money”, “gambling money”, not retirement money or put-the-kids-through-college money. Convertible debt advance is not for the cautious, afraid or new investor.

From the investor’s standpoint, they are accouterment loans to a new or baby business at a actual chancy date in a company’s activity cycle. The angle they accept the aegis of a debt apparatus is usually a fallacy-rarely is there any defalcation amount if a start-up aggregation fails.

Having said that, actuality are two affidavit convertible addendum accomplish faculty for some investors:

1. A large, safe investment portfolio can accident 4% or 8% of its absolute assets on a top risk/high accolade agenda investment.

2. An broker that has able acquaintance and compassionate in a specific business blazon or industry may be safer advance in that blazon of business or industry, application convertible notes, again advance in a almost “safe” business that is alien and not acutely understood.


Talk with admiral that accept actual able acquaintance with deals agnate to ones you are considering. And a lot of importantly, alter your investments. Convertible debt/promissory addendum accept risks and rewards and are abundant accoutrement for costs start-up businesses and fast growing businesses.

But, early-stage/start-up advance is a top risk, illiquid, asset chic behindhand of the blazon of business

– gambling fallacy